21 year old living in London. Like good food, expensive things, and hardworking people. This blog is for me, myself, and only myself.

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'这些年我一直提醒自己一件事, 千万不要自己感动自己。 大部分人看似努力, 不过是愚蠢导致。 什么熬夜看书到天亮, 连续几天睡几小时,多少没放假了,如果这些东西也值得夸耀, 那么富士康流水线上任何一个人都比你努力多了。 人难免天生有自怜的情绪,唯独时刻保持清醒, 才能看清真正的价值在哪儿。 夸耀这些只能说明自己失败 - - 你都那么努力了还这穷逼吊样。'

There’s one thing I always remind myself over the years, never pity yourself. Most people may appear to be hardworking, but this is only caused by stupidity. Staying up late doing reading, only sleeping a little every day, not giving yourself holidays, if those things are worth being proud of, then everyone in sweatshop factories are working much much harder than you. It is unavoidable that people will instinctively pity themselves, but only by keeping a clear head at all time, will you see the world’s true value. To be proud of how hard you worked can only be seen as a failure – after all, even after all those effort in you are still as pathetic as ever.


Miss Marvel is very very good!! Very very good!!

(i am only 2 issues in but I love it :D)






have u ever had a depersonalization moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and think wow this person is me and i have this body and this life and everything feels so strange why am i me and not someone else


it’s a symptom of anxiety

This happens to me a lot and it’s really jarring.


people DON”T think about this??? Some people DON’t?!

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YO next week is BLT bagel week

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It is so difficult finding photos of a celebrity that your friend is super into but you aren’t into. Like, how do you like him??? I want to find photos which makes my friend shriek and coo over, but when I look at Thomas Brodie Sangster’s photos I honestly don’t know which are the ones that are suppose to be drop dead gorgeous and which other ones are just normal candid shots. 

Some. One. Help. Me?????

  • Toner, Primer and Powder really makes a difference! A huge difference! Maybe not immediately after doing your make-up, but it is very important!
  • Rice is seriously my favourite carb.
  • Steak is not as nice or awesome as all the dudes made it out to be. It is just beef all the way…. (Speaking as someone who spent 44 pounds on a steak dinner, it was sorta meh.)
  • Go to lectures, don’t watch recorded lectures they are sort of terrible. 
  • Jin, you are always wrong about the new iPhone >_<
  • Tea, yes yes yes. Coffee, no no no.
  • Hot apple juice in a mug is friggin awesome. 
  • Exercise is awesome and an hour at the gym is surprisingly short. 
  • Do your eyebrows. It looks 500% better O_O
  • Flat shoes are a thing of beauty. 
  • Read! And not just fanfictions yo.
  • I am a very introverted person and terribly easy to over-socialise, leaving me unable to talk to people for 2-3 days at least. (So if I ever feel grumpy, I am not! I just can’t socialise with anyone at the time sorry~)